Grading Guide

We realize how important both accurate and consistent grading is in our industry. Along with strict training of our staff and multiple sets of eyes on every phone throughout our processes, we have also invested in the latest automated photographic technology to identify and categorize scratches and use on phones in order to maintain a solid standard our customers can rely on. Our innovative grading process sets us apart from other companies who typically “stretch” grades at the expense of their customers.

Below is our cosmetic grading guide describing the physical condition of each category. All phones we sell are fully tested, work like new, have clean IMEI, no iCloud/Account locks, no chips or cracks on the front or back glass (even on our C grade), have at least an 80% SOH battery, and are fully functional with our warranty included.

Grade A (Excellent)

Most people would consider these “like new”, 9/10 or better overall. They look perfect under normal residential lighting/at arms length (whereas we grade in a commercial environment with lighting conditions most people will never be exposed to). Very nice screen, perfect or near perfect with a few very light/short marks at most. Can have just a few very small light use/scuff marks on back case or frame edges, or near charge port (no more than 3 areas). No dents, deep scratches, chips, or dings. These phones are in high demand, so quantity available is typically on the lower side and they carry a price premium over the other grades because of the strict criteria to be an “A”. These work well for customers needing a perfect or near perfect unit and are what we sell on Amazon Renewed. For buyers wanting a very nice phone at a better price, our B+ has been our most popular seller.

Grade B+ (Very Good)

Our most common grade when processing our trade-in inventory (encompasses about 40% of our inventory). These are lightly used phones. These are also our best seller on ecommerce and wholesale. It is the equivalent or nicer to many competitors "A/B" grade. These phones have had regular daily use but were taken care of most likely in a case with a screen protector. No long scratches on screen but can have light ones (not visible with screen on). May have 1 or 2 deep scratches that are very short (less than 1/4 of an inch). Can have some moderate to heavy scratches on back. No dents. Can have a few small scuffs and dings around edges, but not many, and not deep. This is our most popular selling grade and we have been told it is comparable to some other companies’ A grades.

Grade B (Good)

These phones show normal everyday use (presumably originally used without a case/screen protector). Can have many scratches on the screen including some medium and/or deep scratches. Most use on screen not visible when unit is powered on other than the deepest scratches, and most could be covered with a screen protector. Case can have scuffs and a few dents on back case and edges. Good candidate for tempered glass+phone case kit and works well for a lot of our retail and repair store customers- especially because of the discounted price of this grade.

Grade C (Fair/Acceptable)

Heavily used with many scratches on screen, sides, and case. Can have deep, long, scratches. Also may have dents, knicks, and scuffs on case/edges. No cracks or chips on screen or back. Catches most of our worst condition items. Great for someone who doesn’t care about cosmetic condition but just wants a working phone. Good candidate for tempered glass+case. As with all of our other grades- these are fully functional.